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While tree trimming primarily involves removing new growth around the outer portion of the tree’s perimeter for a better aesthetic appeal, you can also do some basic pruning or removing of dead, unsightly, or insect-infested branches. At Mt. Pleasant Tree Service, we feel that trees should be pruned as to accomplish the goals of the client while maintaining the aesthetic integrity of trees.  Lifting canopies may be required for a number of reasons.  For example, if low limbs prevent access to property, it is more difficult to maintain (mowing, etc.), and trees along roadways are required to have a minimum 14’4″ clearance for emergency vehicles. In addition, pruning helps increase visibility for entrances, signs, pedestrians and drivers.

In order to best promote healthy tree growth, pruning is required. There are several benefits:


Increases sunlight penetration for landscape and or prevents moisture/mildew


Allows wind to pass through canopy instead of hitting canopy like a sail "Hurricane Prep"


Ensure houses / structures / roofs have sufficient clearance away from trees/limbs


Remove dead and diseased wood as to ensure health of tree


Removes sucker growth in trees to allow for better, healthier canopy/tree development




Homeowner Associations and commercial properties may need to have limbs removed near lights (parking, sidewalks, roadways, etc.). This is particularly a concern for trees along pedestrian paths, driveways, and surrounding buildings.



There is a danger to excessive pruning, also known as “topping trees”. Topping trees is dangerous to the overall health to the tree – the stress and injury often kill the tree. In the Charleston area you will often see this done to crepe myrtles – at Mt. Pleasant Tree Service, we refer to that practice as committing “crepe murder” and goes against our belief that during any given service, no more than 30% of foliage is trimmed.



Mt. Pleasant Tree Service can expertly determine the best treatment for tree pruning on your property. Our main goal with tree pruning is protecting the overall health of the tree and maximizing view enhancement for your enjoyment.



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Joanna Hoover, Brickyard Plantation HOA President

The service and professionalism our community received from Mt. Pleasant Tree Service was “top notch”. From the time they took to go though our neighborhood to see what our needs were, to the professional bid they presented, they have given us the service that I did not know was still out there. You can tell they take pride in what they do, and know what they are doing. When their crew came in to maintain our trees in our community, they made sure things were taken care of to our satisfaction, and cleaned up. I would highly recommend Mt. Pleasant Tree Service for any tree needs you may have… small or large!

David Phillips, The Phillips Realty Group

I have worked with Mount Pleasant Tree Services on a number of our projects. Tommy, his son Jason along and their crew have been a pleasure to do business with. They have shown up on time, every time and completed the job on time. They always leave the property clean and tidy. Their knowledge, professionalism and experience in what they do was the reason I first and still use them for all our projects. I am happy to recommend them and would happily answer questions about their service if necessary.

Leigh Mills, Homeowner

I was extremely pleased with the work that MtP Tree did for us. They were efficient and timely everyday. The workers were polite and conscientious of my belongings around the outside of the house. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for professional tree service.

Debbie Rogers, A-Plus Property Management

We have been associated with Mt. Pleasant Tree Service for over five years.  In that time we have had nothing less than top quality work done for the homeowners associations that we manage.  Based on their knowledge, experience and great customer service, we never hesitate to recommend Mt. Pleasant Tree Service to other associations or private homeowners.